Do it yourself: Spring Scrunchies


It’s spring time and the ducklings have arrived! What better way to celebrate the arrival of the adorable fluffballs than to reveal your inner child. Let’s go back to the past and bring back scrunchie days!

Being a big fan of crafts my mum was eager to try her hand at a new project when I had mentioned to her how expensive the cute scrunchies are from Urban Outfitters. I think it’s crazy how one bit of elastic wrapped in fabric can cost up to £6.00 when these delightful hair accessories only take my mother about half an hour to make from scratch!

Whether you’re an indie chick or a simple Susie anyone can pull off the scrunchie craze. I like to wear these on my tomboy-ish days when I need to add a touch of girliness to my look without the effort of faffing with my hair for hours. However, they can alternatively look great on a dressed up day! They look great in a high pony tail or even a messy bun.

My mum inspired me to become more creative and if she inspired you too you should try making these yourself! Follow this easy guide to create your own hair accessory and to save £££’s!

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