My life-savers!

life savers

There is nothing worse than waking up feeling like an ugly mess. Hair all over the place, face covered by imperfections, all that you want to do is sleep for a hundred years (we’ve all been there!!).

After waking up on the wrong side of bed this morning I thought I share my top 3 pick me ups:

1. Original Source: Super Scrub Mint and Walnut-

One way of improving your mood on one of these dreaded mornings is to have a quick refreshing shower. I never feel completely awake until I’ve had a shower. I have always been a fan of original source because of their powerful scent. They are the only brand of shower gel that ACTUALLY makes you smell amazing for hours after you have showered! A while back I purchased the scrub version in this minty scent and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since (as you can see with the amount that is left)! Not only does it make your skin super soft afterwards it tingles as you apply it to your skin, waking you up instantly! I don’t think this is a feeling everyone will like but I definitely think it’s the perfect wake up call for me. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


2. Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer-

Everyone in the beauty blogging world should know about this gem! I honestly can’t explain what a saviour this product has been to me. No matter how acne is treating me I know this concealer will help me out. I use this on a daily basis on any blemishes or redness. Its thick solution means that the smallest amount can cover any areas that needs to be hidden. Also, even though it is a thick solution it never makes your makeup look or feel ‘cakey’ which is what I probably love the most! This product makes me feel so much confident when I’m feeling spotty that I often just wear this alone without foundation.


3.  Twist Hair Pins

When I’m having a bad hair day or I just don’t feel like making much of an effort these hair pins are perfect! I love the messy bun look and I never figured out how to do them before I got these. They are so much easier than using bobbles and look better as they stay hidden! This bargain find was from poundland at only £1 (Obviously!!) for 4 of them.

messy bun

This look is easily created using the pins. All I did was grab all your hair as if I was going to make a pony-tail then use my other hand to ”scrunch’ the rest of my hair into a bun arranging each piece of hair into place. When satified with the structure of the bun twist the pins into the sides of the bun to keep it into place. Voila!!

If you need picking up try out these products and let me know what you think!
Lindsay x



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