Review: Superdrug’s Coconut Oil

Superdrug coconut oilcoconut oil

I have heard so much about how good coconut oil is for you hair, skin, and to eat so naturally I wanted to see what the fuss was about. When I popped into Superdrug the other day I found this at only around Β£2 so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to experiment.

Firstly I tried this on my body. Sounds strange but I really liked how this applies onto the skin. The best way I found to equally spread the thick, hard clumps was to rub it into the palms of my hands until it is a slimy oily texture. Then it was easy to put it all over my body.After a few hours my skin felt amazing! It definitely is worth the hype for it’s softening power. The only issue I found with this as a moisturiser is that it takes a while to soak in and often makes you feel slimy and sticky for about an hour. However, once I had allowed it to merge with my skin it was fine. Having quite dry skin this worked so well in making it lovely and soft. However, I’m an impatient person so my ideal moisturisers allow me to get dressed directly after applying. I think I will probably save this for my pamper days due to the time I had to wait. I would definitely recommend using this as a moisturiser if you are patient and willing to feel a tad sticky for an hour or so after applying.

friday favourites may 16th 2OILY HAIR

I also tried this oil on my hair. I have heard of many people using it as a mask so I thought I’d give it a go! I first washed my hair using my favourite shampoo (Herbal Essences: Silk and Shine)Β  and dried my hair in my towel for a few minutes. I then put this all over my hair, focussing on the ends because that’s where the dryness mostly is. A fresh towel was then wrapped around my head and then I relaxed with this in for about an hour and a half. In this time I made the most of relaxing by watching Tangled and putting on a face mask (perfect chill out combo!). I then washed it out using a small amount of the shampoo again and let it dry! This however didn’t turn out how I would’ve liked it to as it was an absolute pain to get out! After drying my hair it was clear that all the oil hadn’t come out leaving my hair sticky. It took 2 washes to get it out which has put me off using this as a hair mask. Perhaps I used too much of it or didn’t wash use enough shampoo initially when washing it out. However, the results afterwards was great! My hair looks so healthy and fluffy at the moment!

Here are the before and after results:

dry hair 1hair after mask 1

It’s hard to tell the difference in this picture but I was a bit silly and forgot to take a picture exactly before! Anyway, the results were good in the end (after all that effort of washing!).

Have you tried using Coconut Oil? Tell me what you think..

Lindsay x


7 thoughts on “Review: Superdrug’s Coconut Oil

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    1. omgitslinds Post author

      I’ve never thought of that but I will definitely give this a go! I think it might make me breakout though, but I’ll experiment and find out. Thank you for that idea! I’ll go check out your blog too πŸ™‚


      1. Chelsey

        Ya I always cleanse directly after with face wash. I can see how it might be pore clogging. I haven’t had any issues yet. I haven’t found anything that melts off makeup quite like it.


      2. omgitslinds Post author

        Oh right! I might try that.. I always struggle with makeup removal, especially after wearing lots of it for nights out and things so I’ll definitely see if this works better πŸ™‚


      3. Chelsey

        Awesome! I’m not sure if you wear contacts, just make sure to take them out first. Coconut oil does not come off them easily.


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