Goodbye University Halls!

Owly and percy - Copy

Dear fellow/future University students! My doorstop owls, Percy and Owly, welcome you into my University room!

I’m currently in the process of thinking about moving back home for summer and I thought before I packed everything away what better way to remember my first year experience than write a blog post about it!

During my experience I have met so many people and if anything university life has definitely made me more confident and sociable. All it took was a little too much alcohol inΒ  fresher’s week! All I have to say about fresher’s week is that a lot of alcohol was consumed and not much else happened. Personally, despite all the hype over it, fresher’s week was not as good as I thought it would be. The best part of my year was probably when I’d bonded with my flatmates and coursemates. I loved having movie nights and “family time” dinner in the flat, going to on girly shopping trips and pre-drinking for nights out with drinking games!

Instead of boring you about my life, I thought I’d show you guys around my university accommodation.

flat 2 Flat 3 flat

Here are the communal areas of my flat, well the only tidy part of it. I love the view outside the kitchen as it shows a lot of the campus. We are also lucky to have a communal tv so we can all have movie time together!

quilt - Copyphotos - Copy basil photo - Copy

My personal touches to my otherwise bare room make me feel much more at home. On my big window sill I have my mum’s homemade quilt which I love very much. She spent months working on this and it’s so pretty. I may have to make an individual post about it at some point because this picture does it no justice. I also have my fluffy pillow from The Range, so that visitors have an extra space to sit. Above my bed is my collection of photos to remind me of home. I also have my dream-catcher here that was a christmas present from my mother. I love quirky things like this because I think they look really sweet! The third picture shows my shelf decorations: a little bird ornament I received as a farewell gift from my Auntie, my favourite alcohol, Disaronno, in a small cute bottle (typical student, eh?) and a framed photograph of my favourite pony, Basil. This was given to me as a farewell gift from my boss at the riding school I worked at before coming to university.

Β duckies

We also have regular visitors to our flat! These are the uniducks that live on campus (we have a big lake and a “beach”). They come for their daily bread, and they also sometimes bring their ducklings which are growing so quickly! I’m definitely going to miss them next year when we’re living in our house.

I’m sorry for the bad quality of the photos in this post but unfortunately my camera isn’t with me at the moment. Hope you guys enjoyed the mini-tour of my favourite bits of my uni room and flat. I know it’s not much but I thought it was appropriate seeing as I’m moving out very soon! Seeing as I’m talking about uni, go check out my flatmate’s blog here. Caitlin (B) is a great beauty/fashion blogger who has just started up a blog with her best friend.

Anyway thanks for reading, let me know what you think about my Uni flat,

Lindsay x


2 thoughts on “Goodbye University Halls!

  1. Beth

    Hello lovely πŸ™‚ found your blog on the #bbloggers chat (we were talking about ELF) and I got very excited when I saw you had the same owl as me hahaha, I have the pink one too! xx



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