Get ready with me: Carnage night out!



Carnage is probably the most well known student night. Tonight is the last one of the year so I thought what better oppurtunity to show what products I use on a night out!

carnage (2)

1. Skincare

Before I apply my makeup I always start with skincare to make sure that my makeup will last and also to avoid having dry patches. I start off with a light facial moisturiser. Recently I have been using Garnier’s Moisture Match in the “normal to dry skin” category. I like the lightness of this moisturiser, especially if I’m going to put makeup afterwards. I tend to use this straight after washing my face so that  it’s normally soaked in entirely by the time I get round to doing my makeup. Directly before applying my makeup I then use Maybelline’s New Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser primer which makes my face nice and smooth!

carnage (3)

2. Eyes

With makeup I like to start with eyes because if mistakes are made then I don’t end up wiping half my foundation off! First I like to use a light concealer under my eyes to get rid of any darkness. I am using Rimmel Wake Me Up as I think it has a really thin formula so it doesn’t collect in the creases of the skin.

swatches (2)

I then fill in my eyebrows using my Lydia Professional angled brush and my Sleek i-Divine Palette in the Au Naturel 601 shades. For my brows I use the colour Bark and I normally mix it with the colour Nubuck to make it a bit lighter (top colour). For my eyelids I am also using this palette. For my whole lid I am using Taupe (middle colour) and I usually use my index finger to evenly spread this across my lid and blend Regal using my angled brush from the outside corner of my lid and the crease to the middle of the lid. I do this for a smokey eye effect.

photo 1

I then use L’oréal Super Liner Black Lacquer eyeliner to make my eyes stand out more. I finish off my eyes with Maybelline the Collossal Go Extreme Volum’ mascara. This mascara is great to make my lashes so much longer but not clumpy!

3. Face

carnage (5)

This is my favourite part of makeup! I first use Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (not pictured) to get rid of any spots or blemishes. I normally put this onto the areas then spread it along with my foundation. The foundation Rimmel Lasting Finish is then spreaded equally across my face using my Real Techniques face brush. I then spend quite a while blending this to avoid any patchy application! I then use my trustworthy bargain MUA blusher in the shade Lolly (was only £1!) using my Lydia Professional blush brush.

4. Lips

carnage (1)

My favourite spring lip colour is definitely coral, it’s such a pretty colour. So I’m using Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick which actually does last all night long! However, I do find its formula to be quite dry so I’m teaming it up with Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush which is a balmy lipstick. I like to put this on top of the other lipstick as it creates a brighter colour for a night out and also softens my lips.

5. Finishing touches

carnage (4)

I am using the blogger’s favourite bronzer, Borjois Bronzing Powder, as I am too jumping on the band-wagon! I love this bronzer as it finishes off any look so nicely and it smells like heaven. For this I use the same blush brush as before. To finish off the whole look I use my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is my favourite finishing powder as it really does make my makeup last.

 photo 3photo 2

So there’s my Carnage look (sorry for my bad selfie quality pictures)! I hope you enjoyed reading my long-winded makeup explanation, I’m now off to Carnage!
Lindsay x


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