Sweet Smells

100_5035[1]What girl doesn’t have a set of favourite smells? I just wanted to share what my favourite are at the moment.


I am going to start off with my personal favourite, Jo Malone: Peony & Blush. I discovered this perfume in John Lewis where I had gone to have a sniff at youtubers’ favourite Blackberry and Bay to see what the fuss was about. I didn’t like the smell as it has more of a crisp, fresh scent and I’m a sweet scent lover. However, this trip was not wasted as the lady suggested trying the sweeter smelling scents which is when I fell in love with this. Peony & Blush is a strong sweet floral scent. This is a perfume I tend to save for more “special” occasions, like if I was going out for a meal so I think it will last me a while. It’s a pricey brand but it’s so worth it! Everyone seems to ask me what perfume I’m wearing (I’m guessing that means it’s nice) so I think it’s a definite winner! Pick it up from John Lewis today! I also love how you can combine Jo Malone perfumes together to make your own scent. Have you tried this yet?

100_5056[1] 100_5041[1]100_5057[1]

This next one was a lucky gain on my part. My brother was clearing up things from his room and found this left by his ex-girlfriend. I took it out of curiosity and luckily I liked it (I can be quite fussy with scents!). This is Ed Hardy‘s Love Kills Slowly, I did my research on him and found that he is an artist known for his tattoo work. This is shown with the beautiful bottle with its graffiti design. I love it! I know that all the perfumes listed are sweet but this is probably the sweetest. It’s a very girly, floral scent but it smells just like candy! I often wear this during the day because I think it is quite a light scent compared to my other perfumes. It’s a perfect perfume for the upcoming summer season, pick it up at The Perfume Shop here at only £19.99!


 Lastly, is Taylor by Taylor Swift which is more on the affordable scale. I wouldn’t say I’m a Taylor Swift fangirl or anything but I simply picked this up at the boxing day sales in Boots. It was such a bargain at around £10 for a gift set. I love the girly style of the bottle, I think it looks so nice on my dressing table. It has a vanilla base scent which is probably the reason why I like it so much. I will definitely purchase this again and again because I can’t get enough of it! Buy the full size at Boots today.

What is your favourite perfume this season?

Lindsay x


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