Long Hair, Don’t Care! (Tips & Tricks #1)


I have been quite blessed with my hair, I’m quite bigheaded when it comes to my hair. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had short hair because I know I’d regret it so much. Years of growth would be wasted! My hair is in such a healthy state lately so I thought I would share my top 3 tips to getting healthy hair!

Tip #1

Avoid hair dye! I suppose I’m quite lucky with my hair colour, I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been bored by it. My parents never allowed me to dye my hair when I was younger so I suppose that has probably got me used to the idea of having natural hair. However, 2  years ago I wanted a bit of a change and decided to ombré my hair which I have only done a few times (can always get it cut out though!). I don’t think any girl needs to fully dye their hair at a young age. Girls need to remember that you can’t just dye your hair once! As soon as you start dying it you have to keep doing it as the roots come through, sounds like a pain if you ask me.. Not only that, the constant exposure to chemicals in hair dye is ruining your hair. Natural is beautiful, so embrace it!

Tip #2

We’ve all heard about the Every other day washing rule. Listen to it! During uni, I have been quite naughty with this rule. Going out quite a lot forces me to wash my hair more often and this really dried out my hair. I think it’s good for your hair to be allowed breathing space of its own. Washing your hair takes out all the natural oils that keep your hair looking glowing. Thicker hair can normally hold out longer with washing but if you have thin hair there’s nothing wrong with turning to our faithful dry shampoos or talcum powder to get away the greasy look.


(my natural hair after just waking up)

Tip #3

If you can take anything from this post it’s this: Be natural! I think this is the best tip I can give you. When it comes to hair I think we’re allowed to be lazy. From being young I’ve never really been one for using any products in my hair other than shampoo and conditioner. I think all these serums and oils people use in their hair are pointless and creates far too much hassle (see my post about coconut oil for the proof!). The best way to keep it looking great is to leave it alone! I know it’s common knowledge but also try not to use too much heat. I know we all gotta do it but why not start one day at a time. Just one day a week stay away from the curlers and straighteners and believe me your hair will thank you later. Maybe try letting your hair naturally dry every once in a while too, it can’t take too long?

Thanks for reading my first Tips and Tricks post! Let me know what you think,

Lindsay x



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