Family Bank Holiday Monday


I’m going to try my hand at a different type of post today. I did have a different plan for today but the weather turned out to be lovely so instead of staying inside talking about makeup I thought I’d face the real world! This weekend my town has had its annual “Bands on the Square” so me and the fam went for a walk to see the bands. Here’s my day in pictures..


First thing we came across was the little raffle stall and my Dad treated me to 5 picks of the raffle tickets. It must’ve been my lucky day because we came home with….


A KETTLE! I’m sure my mum will find this useful. I love doing things like raffles because its like a surprise, you don’t know what you might win!

  100_5161[1] 100_5164[1]

We then went into the “Cafe on the square” where I got this amazing Strawberry Milkshake and the Hunters Chicken Bagguette (BBQ is my favourite)! It was so yummy!


We then joined the big tent where the bands were playing. They played a lot of covers which I was happy about because I could sing along! My neighbour also came to say hi with her baby, ain’t she a cutie?

I know this post may not be a lot but I thought I’d  try something different! Hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday!

Lindsay x


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