Washing Hair Backwards (Tips and Tricks #2)

So I was browsing around the blogging world, as you do.. And I came across Effy’s blog post about this technique. This involves simply using conditioner first, and then shampoo, Crazy right?


There is method to this madness I can assure you. This technique stops the frustration of not being able to wash out your conditioner properly (it happens to the best of us) as the shampoo will wash out the bits of conditioner you missed. Having thick long hair this is always the cause of my shower paranoia. After washing my hair I always end up stuck in the shower for an extra 5, sometimes even 10 minutes longer just to make sure my conditioner is all out! Surely I’m not the only one? Now we can all have quick showers without the fuss of conditioner. Hurray!

I’ll admit I was a little unconvinced that this would work. I was sure that my hair would look dull and knotty afterwards. However, to my surprise my hair is glowing and silky soft today as a result. I would advise people with thin hair in particular to try washing in this way because it really does add volume! I’m definitely happy with the result and will be continuing to wash my hair in this odd unthinkable way!

Have you tried washing your hair in this way? Give it a go and see for yourself!

Lindsay x


4 thoughts on “Washing Hair Backwards (Tips and Tricks #2)

  1. Lazy Days Beauty

    I’m really sceptical about this and I don’t really know why because everyone say that it’s amazing! Will have to give it a go one weekend – I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it on a work day!



  2. heatherolivia

    I decided to try reverse hair washing & I have to say, the volume of my hair was unbelievable. Though I wouldn’t use this technique all the time, it’s perfect to give your hair some extra oooomph!


    1. omgitslinds Post author

      I definitely know what you mean. My hair does seem to be a bit frizzier than usual but I have to say it has a lot of volume! I think people with thin hair would benefit from this.



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