Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula


I just wanted to share a bit of sunshine with this wonderful lifesaver. Palmer’s products are quite popular amongst female beauty and I have had this for quite some time now. I was intrigued at the description of the product initially which is what made me purchase it.

“Palmer’s COCOA BUTTER, enriched with VITAMIN E, is an advanced moituriser that softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin. Also helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. An excellent after tanning butter (..)”

As a girl with annoying stretch marks all over my legs and cases of extremely dry skin this seemed like the perfect solution!

When I first got this it sort of got pushed to the back of my drawers and I only used this every now and again (not the best way to test products!). Recently, however, I’ve got this out to try it and found a whole new light in the world (how cheesy am I?!). I started using this on my feet right before bed to attempt to soften up my feet for summer. I was impressed by day 1. I love how it’s not at all warming; Nothing I hate more than moisturising, getting into bed and then feeling all flustered because of your thick moisturiser! This is ideal for bedtime because it’s very soothing and cooling as it soaks into your skin.

After using this for around 2 weeks on my feet I am actually excited to say that I’ve successfully found my perfect deep moisturiser! My feet are so much silkier and soft. I would recommend this for anyone who wants lovely soft feet this summer.

As for the stretch mark dilemma I’m not so convinced. I’m quite skeptical when products promise miracle results because I’ve been disappointed before.. I have tried to use this on my stretch marks, but I often forget to put it on. So there’s no surprise that I’ve seen no improvement.

Nevertheless, I’d definitely like to say that this is my dry skin saviour. I have been using this religiously on my dry areas (knees, elbows, heels & feet) and I think it’s definitely made an improvement. The other day my face reacted horribly to a new cleanser(sensitive skin problems!) which caused extreme drying out. It got to the point that my forehead and cheeks were flaking and becoming itchy and sore. I used this on the dry areasΒ for 2 days and I think my face is back to normal. Never been happier!

One thing I have to admit with this butter is that at first I couldn’t really stomach the smell (hence the abandonment). It smells extremely sweet of cocoa and this gets so sickly. However, I have got used to it over time. Luckily, they’ve brought out a Fragrance Free version!

They also have different variations which I’d like to try (think I’m heading for the Cleansing Gel and Night Renewal Cream next time!). I think it would probably be better to purchase the pump version next time.

Have you tried any of the Palmer’s products?

Lindsay x


4 thoughts on “Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

  1. Beth Wride

    I love this stuff! I mentioned it in one of my favourite posts a couple of months ago! How nice is the scent as well? One of my faves and I personally think its very under-rated


    1. omgitslinds Post author

      I definitely agree on how it’s under-rated! It’s so great I think I’ll always be using it from now on.. I’m not a fan of the scent to be honest! I think it’s waaaay too strong for my liking but I suppose in small does it’s quite nice πŸ™‚



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