The Sunday Post

This week has been quite a busy one for me, which is why I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.

photo (2)

Monday and Tuesday was spent chilling. Catching up with TV and generally just being lazy. I’m a big fan of these days actually! I did paint my nails on Tuesday night though which I was very proud of. I used Revlon Parfumerie in the colour/scentย Ginger Melon.ย I was nicely surprised that the scent actually lasted longer than 5 minutes! Not to mention how delicious it was! Have you tried any polishes from the Revlon scented “Parfumerie” collection yet?


On Thursday I had a lovely day at a spa with my best friend and her mum and Aunty. It was my first spa experience and I’ll definitely be going to more! It had a relaxing ย Hydrotherapy pool (pictured above) which had lots of different massaging features. There were individual rooms which all had different roles such as the Sauna, an Aromatherapy Steam room, a Sanarium (much gentler version of the sauna) and a Steam room. Not to mention the Monsoon Showers and Foot Baths! It was heaven for a lazy couch potato like me! I also am convinced that it has made my skin so much better which is a bonus. 5 stars from me and would definitely recommend to everyone I know.

photo (3)

Since starting University I’ve not had much chance to go hacking on the horses. Today I made the most of having a free afternoon by going on a ride with my best friend on my favourite pony, Basil. It was such a lovely time out, chatting away and exploring on the ponies! I didn’t take any pictures today but here’s a golden oldie of Basil taken last year when I used to take him hacking every week. Ain’t he a cutie?

Today is Father’s day so I treated my Dad to a few little cheesy gifts. Things like an apron for his recent love for cooking, a teddy for his car, some chocolate fingers, a new mug to match his favourite saying “Awesome Sauce”, he loved them (I think!). Above is my favourite picture of my dad because it’s sort of a family amusement to see him on a horse, he was very good at riding Ted that day though- I have to admit! I thought end with a lovely fatherly quote to share my love and appreciation for my dad, I love you Daddy Bear!


What have you been up to this week?

Lindsay x


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