The Multi-Use Sleek Palette

I’ve had the Sleek I-Divine Au Naturel Palette for ages and it’s been my go-to product most days. However, for me it’s no ordinary eyeshadow palette; It’s used for not only eyelids but for other jobs too!


I love the colours in this palette because it can create an every day natural look or a look appropriate for a night out. It has the basic smokey eye matte shadows and lovely shimmery shades too so it’s truly useable for any day. It’s so versatile that it could be the only palette you’ll ever need!

Anyway, here’s the look I achieved today with my magical palette:

First I used Bark and Nubuck for my eyebrows with my Topshop Slanted Liner Brush which is perfect for brows as it’s small and has a slanted edge, making it easier to apply.

100_5698[1] 100_5680[1]

I like using this palette for eyebrows because it create a more defined look without making it look too unnatural.

Next I used Taupe for the whole of the eyelid to create a natural base with a touch of shimmer to make it more wow. For this I used my LyDia Professional Eye Shadow Brush as it evenly spreads the base eyeshadow. I then used Regal in the crease and blended.


What girl doesn’t love glitter and shimmer?

Lastly I used Noir as eyeliner by wetting my LyDia Professional Eyeliner Brush and then carefully lining the eyes. This is what I use this palette for most days because it creates a look that doesn’t stand out too much, creating a more natural look.

100_5743[1] 100_5731[1]

The matte colour adds boldness to it’s shimmery background. However, yet it appears dull in this look, it is also buildable. For nights out I like to spend a little longer applying it to give it a stronger effect. I find it a lot easier to apply than most eyeliners, perfect for lazy girls like me!

Here’s the finished face, hope you like!


What’s your favourite multi-use product?

Lindsay x


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