Motivational Monday: Make a wish


This past week I’ve been trying to be more positive because overall I’m quite a pessimistic person. This can really bring a person down. This post is about looking at the negativity in life and turning it into a positive experience.

In relation to this, I have been thinking about seriously doing Camp America. I’ve wanted to do it for a while but I just keep thinking things like “If I miss everyone I can’t just come back to England” or “What if the children won’t listen to me” and just being silly. I just keep telling myself that if I don’t do it now when I’m young, selfish and free of responsibility I’ll regret it when I can no longer do it. So here’s to looking on the bright side!

On that note, on Thursday I went to Manchester Recruitment Fair and was HIRED! So this negativity has been silly, my wish is going to come true. I’m going to spend the whole summer in Michigan teaching Horse Riding. I’m so so so excited!

On a side note, I’ve also been looking at my university results from last semester and instead of thinking “damn, I’m not getting firsts this year” I’m thinking “wow, I can ACTUALLY do this uni thing”. Last year I did exceptionally well and tutors told me not to get used to getting firsts because it’s a LOT harder in second and third year. Well, now I’m finding that out for myself. Anyway, a 2:1 is still amazing considering the overall effort that was put in last semester. Think I need to try harder this semester to avoid disappointing myself again!

I think that’s enough positivity for me this week..

Lindsay x


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Make a wish

  1. andthatisallshewrote

    Love your post. I went to worked at a disability Camp for children and adults in California Summer 2013 through CCUSA, then returned Summer 2014. I am now i am unexpectedly living here. Such an positive experience that you will never forget. Your Summer will be awesome, happy for you!


    1. omgitslinds Post author

      It’s so nice to hear about other people’s experiences! I know someone who did disability last year and is doing it this year again at the same camp as me! Oh wow, how did you end up living there? I’m jealous! Thanks, I can’t wait!



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