What I’ve Been Pinning

Recently, I’ve really got into Pinterest. It took me a while but now it’s my first stop when I’m bored or in need of ideas. It’s just a really fun way of looking at pretty things and saving them for when they might be useful to me. Here is my list of things I’ve been saving.

 1. Nail’spiration

pinterest #3

I love having pretty nails. I’ve been quite good with my nails recently, always having them done and keeping on top of them. I’ve also been having a go at nail art a little by practicing my dotting skills which is always a pretty effect.

This pin really made me want to branch out and try even more things. It has such an awesome effect. I think I’m going to order this special nail striper tape online (at 68p I can’t really go wrong?) just so I can give this a go. What do you think?

2. Hair’spiration

pinterest #4

I’m getting really bored of my hair recently and I know for sure that I don’t have the guts to cut it short (as much as I love the look of short hair recently!). Since my housemate has suggested caramel highlights to me I can stop looking at pretty coloured hair. I think it just makes dark hair look so much more textured and pretty. I think if I was to get it done I’d want it more on the underneath side and a bit less of the ombré because I don’t want that again. I just want a change but I don’t want something too drastic or something that requires regular upkeep.

3. Quote’spiration

pinterest #5

If you read my blog on a weekly basis, you’ll know that I do a weekly series called ‘Motivational Mondays’ and pinterest is my prime source for this. It gives me a lot of inspiration for day to day motivation. This one is really cute as it is makes me bring the inner-child out.

4. Tattoo’spiration

 pinterest #2pinterest #1

I’ve never been one for tattoos but I’ve had the urge recently. These ones in particular have really made me want to bite the bullet. I love the delicacy of the ankle one and I personally want to travel the world so this would be perfect. The stag one is just something different. I really dislike the cliche ones that normally involve swallows, feathers, butterflies etc. (you get the gist). So this would be my choice.. Something different but equally as girly. I would probably want a bit less antlers though, but I love the idea of the delicate flowers. The contrast between the grey stag and the blossoms is really arty. What do you think? Should I do it?

So these were my recent loves on pinterest, what are yours?

If you’d like to follow me over on the other side, feel free to click on this link. (Mines not that impressive to be honest!). Feel free to send me links of yours I could do with more inspiration in my life!

Lindsay x


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