Motivational Monday: You Don’t Always Need A Plan


I’m the type of person who gets really fed up and grumpy when I have nothing to do. I like to have plans, they make me get up in the morning. Otherwise, I’ll stay in bed until midday and this means I have wasted half the day. As much as I love sleeping in it gets so draining when it happens too often.

This quote just explains my not-so-hectic uni life at the moment. It drives me insane. This semester my course has decided to only make me go to uni 2 days a week. It’s like I’m doing a part time course. Which only means one thing- I turn into a lazy sloth.

I’ve realised that instead of being moody about it I need to stay positive and allow myself time to breathe. I don’t need to be busy, I need to enjoy my time off, I don’t need to always make plans either. If I wake up and feel lazy then it’s okay. Equally if I want to do something- do it! Life doesn’t always have to be organised. The time off will be appreciated when I’m super busy wanting more time off!

If you take anything from this post take my advice and enjoy having free time to let yourself breathe. Let go. Feel the freedom to do as you please.

Love, Lindsay x


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