Motivational Monday: Make 100% Of Everything


So I forgot to post last week because I’ve been so distracted. In the past week I’ve been writing essays and feeling ill with the flu but I think that’s all behind me now. Hallelujah!

Anyway, this week should be positive one because I’ve been thinking about the future. I feel like we don’t truly see how special a moment can be until it’s gone. Sounds soppy but I feel like I’ve taken for granted how far I’ve come and what I’ve done over the years. Like how I’m at uni studying something I really enjoy and I have met the best people here. It’s never too late to start enjoying it and getting my full 100% happiness from it.

This also goes for the bad things that happen to us, we should take them as they come and treat them as lessons because at the end of the day it’s what shapes us as people.

What have you been doing to make you feel 100% this week?

Lindsay x


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