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Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m 19 years young and I’m currently living back and forth between Liverpool for uni and a small town bordering Lancashire and Yorkshire (sounds confusing, I know!). One interesting fact about me is that I was born in South Africa and lived there up until the age of 8. I am a bit of a beauty/fashion fanatic but unfortunately my funding as a student stands in the way of me being able to buy lots of high-end fashion and beauty products. I, however, as a blogger will try my best to bring you guys everything I have got!

I’m also quite a crafty character due to my mother who has always been a keen sewer/knitter/photographer/anything else that’s arty! I think she is my inspiration as a craft beginner and I would love to try out more things now that summer has come!

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My main hobby, though, has got to be horse-riding. Since the age of 13 I have always wanted to be part of the equestrian world and since then I have found the most perfect riding school where I worked throughout my last 2 years of high school and my 2 years at sixth form. However, moving away to university I haven’t been able to go riding as much. I do miss it awfully so hopefully this will be another thing I can catch up with this summer.

 I’m only new to the blogging world but I can surely say that I am enjoying it so far! Hope you guys enjoy my posts,

Lindsay x


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